I am Péter Bellus, a licensed medical and sports massage therapist since 2015. I believe that a person can only be good and successful at what he does if he sees it is a profession, not just a job. This is how I think about massage. My task is not just a 30- or 60-minute session, but to find the source of the pain and to explore the real causes. The years I spent as a competitive athlete and my further vocational trainings help me tremendously because I used Nicoflex cream back then already. I completed the Kinesio Tape and FDM trainings in order to be able to provide an even more complex massage session.

Sport, whether it’s your hobby or your profession, is a cornerstone of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  However, negligence or physical overload can be hard on the body. If you skip stretching, tightening, inflexibility, or spasticity can occur. An increased intensity in physical activity, such as physical labour or intensive exercise, can cause sprains, strains, or muscle spasms. Nicoflex cream can help prevent these problems by stimulating the muscles to warm up before working out, and the more flexible your muscles are, the less likely they suffer an injury during exercise.

I have been working with the Nicoflex team for a few years now, and I also use the cream at sports events and in my own business as well. After running events, many athletes report back that their muscles warmed up easier, the muscles felt looser, the effect lasted long, and their legs didn’t cramp.

Always listen to what your body’s telling you!