I am Attila Pálos, a certified professional coach. I moved from being an overweight, overactive kid, to the other side of sports over a “few” years. After basketball, I jumped into martial arts. That’s when I found the Nicoflex cream. I will never forget the scent of that locker room… 🙂

I got my certification at the College of Physical Education, and I have been improving my qualifications ever since. My favourite area is sport-specific training, pre- and rehabilitation. From time to time, I train ladies for fitness tournaments, although I rarely find a candidate who is willing to work her way to that stage.

I am currently working at the Budai Farkasok handball club as a performance coach, and as an instructor at the Fitness Academy. I am also paving the way for my own sports association (Vitakid SE) and I also work as a personal trainer with a couple of athletes. In addition, I enjoy the life of a full-time dad 🙂

During the individual training sessions, you have the opportunity to learn the basics of body building and fitness, or you can sign up for sport-specific training sessions and postpartum rehabilitation training sessions.

In 2016, I won the Coca Cola Testébresztő award, which only a few coaches receive every year.

I am excited to work as an ambassador for Nicoflex, as I have to recommend product that I love, feel effective, and have been using myself for a very long time. I know it’s a great cream.