I am Anna Fodor. I graduated from ELTE as a political scientist. I tried several sports as a child, I danced and did show jumping, but I fell in love with fitness during my college years. I know how difficult it is to find time to exercise, cook, or rest after a long day. Ever since sports became a part of my daily life, I can’t imagine a day without working out. This is why I became a trainer.

Recovery is a key part of sports and health. By letting your muscles recover, you can avoid injuries, and it helps you improve quicker. Nicoflex also helps treat injuries, and if you use the cream during warm-up, it can even prevent injuries caused by stiff muscles.

In my work, my main goal is to show people how much sports and exercise can give: endurance, confidence, success, and motivation. I was happy to become an ambassador for Nicoflex because instead of following diet trends or using weight loss supplements I believe in living a healthy lifestyle which I am trying to support with providing training sessions and offering recipe inspirations.