The most popular types of yoga. Why is it recommended to do yoga?

yoga varieties

Do you want to find inner harmony while keeping fit at the same time? Do you feel like you should exercise more, but you don’t like crowded gyms? Would you like to break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then yoga is perfect for you!

What makes yoga special is the fact that while it doesn’t put pressure on the joints, it strengthens and relaxes the muscles at the same time, even muscles you don’t even know about. In addition, it helps to get rid of stress, releases inhibitions, revitalizes your body, relaxes your nervous system, and also increases flexibility.

In addition, yoga can also prevent health problems, as it lowers blood pressure, helps treat arrythmias, relieves menstrual pain, and helps you achieve your ideal weight.

If you have been thinking about trying one of these yoga trends for a long time, but you don’t know which one to choose, read on! We will briefly introduce the most popular types.

The most popular types of yoga

Yoga for the spine

This type of yoga was developed by yoga instructors and physiotherapists. The goal is to restore the health of the body, which leads to a fuller and more balanced life. It also helps relieve the stiffness caused by sedentary work and introduces you to the world of yoga. By practicing spine yoga, you can restore the health of your body and nervous system with a series of exercises based on basic movements. These exercises combine the tools of physiotherapy and various types of movement therapy with traditional yoga asanas (poses).

Hatha yoga

Hatha is one of the most popular trends today, and one of the most ancient forms of yoga. The main reason for its popularity is that you don’t need above-average flexibility, and its not an intensive form of exercise, yet it moves your whole body. Both beginner and advanced yogis can easily perform these poses while constantly improving their body consciousness.

Ashtanga yoga

An intensive form of exercise, a type of hatha yoga, consisting of a total of six sets of exercises. These exercises not only use the sequence of asanas, but also connect them with movement, breathing and bandhas (locks: root lock, central channel, throat lock). Ashtanga yoga effectively increases your body strength and helps to restore the balance of your nervous system.

Bikram yoga (hot yoga)

Bikram yoga classes take place in a room heated to 38-40 degrees Celsius. This helps muscles and ligaments become looser, they are easier to stretch, and there is a smaller risk of injury. Another advantage is that sweating speeds up metabolism and helps the body’s detoxification systems.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga consists of passive poses, holding the asanas for a longer time (3-5 minutes). As these poses dramatically increase flexibility, this type of yoga is a useful complement to dynamic exercises.

Once you find a type of yoga that you like, all you have to do is look it up online, and you can start practicing either at a yoga studio or at home.

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