I am Dominika Dékány, a functional trainer, lifestyle coach and the founder of the Best Version of You method, which helps women to become confident and happy in their body again.

Sport has been a part of my everyday life since I was 18, so I can not imagine a day without doing some kind of sport activities. In addition to my own workouts, I help my followers with training videos and helpful tips on Instagram.

You can exercise with me online and offline as well. As a functional trainer, the first and most important aspect of training is prevention and customization, since as you know, every body is different, and every body requires a different intensity workout.

I don’t go easy on anyone, you are guaranteed to end my training sessions feeling tired but also satisfied.

I have been using Nicoflex cream for a long time because it always helps the recovery process, it reduces pain in the muscles you have used during the workout. I was glad to become an ambassador for Nicoflex, and if you participate in my training sessions, you can see how well they work!