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warm up

The warm-up goal is to bring the muscles and circulatory system to “operating temperature” state. The proper and regularly performed warm-up / stretching allow better performance and reduce the risk of potential damage.

The nicoflex medi forte cream can improve the warm-up process. The cream contains a substance (capsaicin), which increases the blood supply in the smeared area due the rubbing.

In case of injuries, for sprain and muscle strain

Muscle strains and sprains are associated with mild to moderate pain and swelling. These acute injuries can be treated at home with resting, ice pack and nicoflex medi forte cream which accelerates the recovery. For mild injuries the usage is recommended twice a day.

Minor injuries can happen during sport activities or muscles can be overloaded. Products which are causing hyperaemia such as nicoflex medi forte cream containing capsaicin can also be used excellently for muscle loosening.

Renewed packaging, unchanged, unique active ingredient content

The basic active ingredients of nicoflex medi forte sport cream are the same as the formula used in the previous pharmaceutical ointment, so this cream also has the usual, well-proven, strong, long-lasting and clinically proven effect. Thanks to the innovation, the cream has become softer, absorbs faster and thus has an immediate effect.

Nicoflex medi forte sport cream

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A Nicoflex story

The development and practical implementation of Nicoflex ointment are connected to Lajos Vörösházi and Iván Daróczi.

At the beginning of the ‘70s they tried to develop a warm-up cream that are more durable than the western countries’ products and also suitable to prevent and treat sprains, muscle injuries. The sport medicine studies and the impact of sport cream examinations started in 1971 in Újpest Dózsa Football Club. The testing continued in Haladás and Ferencvárosi Torna Club (FTC) in 1972, finally in 1973 the Pécsi Dózsa athletes also tried and also commented about the positive effect of the cream.

In the trial period not only the football players were involved but also the weight-lifters, fencers, volleyball players, canoers and rowers, hard athletes and wrestlers had tried the product with encouraging results.

After all those positive experiences the ointment medicinal licensing process started.

The clinical trials carried out between 1972 and 1975 in the following institutes: OTKI Department of Internist; Hospital Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Kaposvár; National Physical Education and Institute of Sport Medicine; former Hungarian Army Military Medical Toxicology Research Centre department of research; National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy (ORFI). The Nicoflex ointment was granted the marketing authorization as a medicine In Hungary in 1978, and in the former Soviet Union in 1980. Due to Medimpex (who were the supplier to the Soviet market) almost every section of the Moscow Olympics athletes could try out the products thankfully the on-site distributing samples.

The Nicoflex ointment was available in both domestic and foreign markets as non-prescription medicine. Thanks to the safe components, the proven effect of the product and the good price the Nicoflex ointment had stable sales year after year, despite of the hard competition.Following the change of ownership of the product, Medimpex rethought the nicoflex brand. Thus, in the second half of the 2010s, the previous Nicoflex ointment was reborn – in addition to the old effectiveness – with a renewed look called nicoflex medi forte sports cream. The basic active ingredients of the new cream are the same as the formula used in the previous pharmaceutical formulation, so this cream also has the usual, well-proven, strong, long-term and clinically proven effect.

Thanks to the innovation, the cream has become softer, absorbed faster and thus has an immediate effect.This product, developed in Hungary and still manufactured in Hungary, has begun its conquest in several countries of the world. Become our partner! We are constantly looking for new distribution partners. If you are interested in the opportunity, feel free to contact us.